To maintain the class, ingenuity and exuberance of your timepiece, a premium watch kit Dubai is the resourceful option available. These kits can be bought easily and will give luxury watch protection services to your beloved accessory. From almost all high-end brands available providing watch film protectors; a complete watch kit is a must-have to apply these delicate films. So if you are looking for a perfect watch protection service these kits will help you out significantly. From several users, watch protection film companies are gaining massive reputations as luxury branded owners are drawing to protect what they have as an asset and maintain their charm.

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Revealing What’s Inside Premium Watch Kit Dubai 

Before this, we have discussed how important it is to have luxury watch protection services which you can read in our article related to this. Now is the time to bring out the most amazing and exciting aspect of Watch Shells with premium watch kit Dubai. So before wasting any more time, read below and get to know what comes inside it!

1. Cleaning Tools

These thoughtful watch kits frequently incorporate an assortment of cleaning instruments customized explicitly for watches. These may incorporate delicate brushes, microfiber fabrics, and delicate cleaning services to eliminate residue, soil, and smears from your watches without creating any harm.

2. Polishing Fabric

An excellent cleaning material is fundamental for keeping up with the sparkle and radiance of your watches. These watch kits are carefully made for the extraordinarily formed cleaning fabric that intends to tenderly buff away fingerprints and reestablish the splendor of your watch’s metal surfaces.

3. Protective Storage Case

To guarantee your watches are securely put away when not being used, premium watch kits in Dubai frequently accompany a defensive stockpiling case. These cases are intended to keep your watches secure and safeguarded from residue, dampness, and other natural factors that might harm them.

Luxury watch protection services

4. Watch Shells Protectors

These are a critical part of premium watch kits, giving an extra layer of security against scratches, dings, and different harms. These protective shells are custom-fitted to your particular watch model, guaranteeing a cosy and secure fit that won’t think twice about the feel of your watch.

5. Watch Strap Maintenance Tools

For watches with tradable straps, these watch kits might incorporate devices for eliminating and implanting new straps easily, as well as solutions used for cleaning and conditioning the polish off of the watch to keep leather straps putting their best self forward.

Buy Premium Watch Kit for your luxury brands at Discount!

We know luxury timepiece owners are looking for watch film protection services to maintain the quality of their accessories. Many buy-watch films but don’t have the proper tools to execute the application process easily. That is why we have brought you a premium watch kit Dubai that will make the application smoother and quicker with proper tools dedicated to watch film protection services. Get your thoughtfully made watch kits which will help you apply Omega, Chanel, Emporio Armani, Jacob & Co and Rolex watch protection film easily only at Watch Shells. Subscribing and adding details will give you a discount on these premium kits. 

Luxury watch protection services


A premium watch kit Dubai serves as a medium to luxury watch protection service with utmost precision and care. As mentioned the inside of the these watch kits brings stunning tools and accessories; you can easily follow the application guide. From serving the best services to maintaining the crisp edges of protective films picked by tweezers in the watch kit the final result will leave you stunned. Because such professional results can only be driven out by an experienced one. But no more! As they provide all the necessities to perform the application process as easily and swiftly as possible.


1. Why is it necessary to give luxury watch protection services?

To maintain the quality and splendour of your luxury timepieces, premium services must be given. You can avail of luxury watch protection film services in Dubai easily.

2. How can you protect your watch from scratches?

With premium watch kit Dubai available at Watch Shells; the watch films inside these kits are essential for your luxury timepieces to secure them from scratches and any colour fade.

3. Does your watch require premium safety for longevity?

Yes! Why not. These high-end branded timepieces must be given luxury watch protection services to maintain their quality and splendour. Visit Watch Shells and get yourself a premium watch kit Dubai at a discounted price to make the watch film application easy.